What I Do

I'm an associate professor with the program in Justice and Social Inquiry through the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University.

I study digital technologies as forms of social resistance and endurance. My current research is on the social and political impacts of information and communication technologies in Indigenous communities.

I also advocate for intellectual freedom and social justice, especially in Native American and borderland communities.

Latest Projects

Digital Overlay: Understanding Native Uses of Social Media
In this project, I learn about various uses of social media within Native communities, and develop methodologies for understanding characteristics of Native social networks.

PuebloConnect: Extending Internet Access and Content Relevance in Tribal Communities
In this project, I team up with Elizabeth Belding, Morgan Vigil-Hayes , Ellen Zegura, Jennifer Case Nevarez of New Mexico Tech Works and board members of REDINet to learn about challenges to network sovereignty in northern New Mexico as well as to develop a community-based methodology for deploying TV whitespace base stations for smart middle mile Internet connectivity through rural communities and soveriegn Native nations in northern New Mexico.

A Message on Respite Associated with COVID-19
Working mothers are taking on higher than usual workloads due to the closure of childcare centers, schooling-at-home, pre-existing unfair division of labor in the home, and care for neighbors, friends, and family dealing with the effects of the pandemic. Like many women of color in academia, I am taking on an extra burden of care at this time. To recover intellectual stamina and to focus on doctoral student support, beyond a few sessions to which I am already happily committed, I will not be traveling to conferences, participating in panels, delivering keynotes or guest lectures, initiating new funded projects, or responding to most media requests through 2021 and 2022. Stay healthy, dear friends and colleagues! Thank you for your understanding.