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Updates 3/16: NACCS awards me the Antonia I. Castaneda award for my essay "Uneven Exchanges: Searching for Peace at Sand Creek."
2/11: I promote my book
Network Sovereignty, and speak on what social media and Internet access means for Indian Country at the Tucson Festival of Books.
MediaTropes publishes "#Indigenous: A Technical and Decolonial Analysis of Activist Uses of Hashtags Across Social Movements."
12/18: I attend the Intersectionality and Algorithmic Discrimination workshop at the Lorentz Center in the Netherlands.
11/11: UW Press hosts a signing for
Network Sovereignty at ASA 2017.
10/17: Gila River Indian Community Masters degree language and culture cohort begins coursework in critical Indigenous methodologies.

What I Do

I'm an assistant professor with the School of Social Transformation at Arizona State University.

I study digital technologies as forms of social resistance and endurance. My current research is on the social and political impacts of information and communication technologies in Indigenous communities.

I also advocate for intellectual freedom and social justice, especially in Native American and borderland communities.

Latest Projects

Digital Overlay: Understanding Native Uses of Social Media
In this project, I learn about various uses of social media within Native communities, and develop methodologies for understanding characteristics of Native social networks.

Border Quants: Feminist Approaches to Data, Bodies, and Technologies Across Borders
Through this project, I collaborate with Jacqueline Wernimont (ASU), Jessica Rajko (ASU), Heather Ross (ASU), Patricia Garcia (U Michigan), and Marika Cifor (Bowdoin College) to discern the phenomenological experiences of quantification through uses of fitness trackers among individuals in the US-Mexico borderlands.


School of Social Transformation
Arizona State University
240 E. Orange Mall
Wilson Hall 125
PO Box 85287-6403
Tempe, AZ 85287-6403
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